May 2021:

  • Is working from home… working?
  • Big Questions around “Deep Fakes”
  • Your Office is on fire, what did you save?
  • Tech Quiz, Facts and Tips

April 2021:

  • Three Trillion minutes on zoom this week
  • What do you think technology will look like in 10-years’ time?
  • Guess how much data breach could cost you?
  • Tech Quiz, Facts and Tips

March 2021:

  • Are you a victim of “smishing?”
  • Need your budget stretched this year?
  • Do you backup every Day?
  • Is your Business Data Encrypted (and I am not talking about from Ransomware)?
  • Tech Facts and Tips

February 2021:

  • Everyone on your team needs Cyber-Security Training
  • What Key Changes could your business benefit from
  • Is it time for a new Phone System?
  • You have a Scary New Friend
  • Tech Facts and Tips

January 2021:

  • Goodbye 2020 – It is time to leverage your competitive advantage - Your Staff
  • Which applications can be put in place to let our staff excel as we know they can?
  • Make sure staff has the best device for the job
  • 2020 taught us our communication systems need help
  • Tech Facts and Tips

2020 and before

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