Let Where To Start’s VoIP service provide the benefits every business needs today:

Features that you’ll use

If you want to take a call on your laptop, or on your cell phone when you’re on the go, or you’d like to access a phone number without any hassle, then Where To Start’s VoIP services are definitely for you.


Our VoIP solutions provide you with options, from where you can take calls (and by whom) across multiple types of devices. This greatly enhances the ability to deal with Work From Home (WFH) situations and the ever changing staffing demands on your business.

The ability to take on your company’s workload

With optimized technology, your VoIP system will never go down because too many calls are being made, and the system can grow with your business.

Low-cost, easy to install & update as your business changes

Installing and setting up a new VoIP system in your office is easier and more affordable than you might expect. Our trained staff will not only provide all of the necessary training and help to make the transition smooth and worry-free, but we can also help you find the right solution that meets your budget.

Work From Anywhere

As businesses adapt to challenges of accommodating a modern workforce as well as the demands of people working from anywhere, a cloud-enabled phone platform will be required, and you will wonder how you ever got along without one.

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