• Ransomware - What it is, its impact on our businesses, and what you can do to avoid it.
  • Cyber Resilience - It is NOT that difficult to accomplish
  • Risk and the Simple Things you can do to mitigate them
  • I am a Small Business - They are not going to target me, are they
  • Cyber Insurance - Is it worth it.
  • I am on a budget; what must I have to protect myself?
  • Internet of Things - The future is here now, and how we are misusing it
  • Consumerization and how it is working its way into our business, as well its added risks
  • Shadow IT (where someone is doing stuff to help) and the dangers for my business when this happens
  • Are you as SAFE as you think you are?
  • We can all use Basic Cybersecurity Training – we will go over some of the “trade tricks” we use in our daily activities.
  • The future of technology and its impact on all our businesses.
  • Setting a Business GOAL: Be Cloud-First and Mobile Ready by 2025
  • Technology is NOT always the answer
  • As a small business, how can we use technology to our advantage?

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