Is your Email being Hacked your Worst Nightmare?

Well, maybe it should be. Every day, every single business in the world is targeted by criminals. And it usually starts with an email.

These aren't the script kiddies of the 80s and 90s who were breaking into systems just for the challenge of it.

Instead, it has evolved into a highly organized and lucrative crime. These criminals are using intelligent, automated tools constantly testing every business's armor, looking for just one tiny crack in their defenses that will let them get in so they can gain a foothold and establish persistence.

And their favorite entry point is your email. Because with a bit of patience and some innovative thinking on their part, your email can provide direct access to the contents of your business's network and then to your bank account.

We feel this eBook is an essential read for every business owner or manager.

While yes, it uses the fictitious story of a business owner to explain complicated cyber security concepts. We did this so that anyone could understand how this works and it will impact your business.

As part of the eBook, we will provide you with a straightforward checklist of 9 powerful defense weapons you can use today. With this, you can create a composite security structure within your business.

The author, Alan Helbush, is an acknowledged data security expert.
He owns Where To Start, Inc., where he has been securing organizations, small and large, for over 20 years.

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