Windows 11: The wait is over

It’s been 6-years since Windows 10 was publicly released, and now Windows 11 has been unleashed.   With Windows 11, you will have all the benefits of using the latest Windows version within your business for the next several years.

After a four-month wait, the brand-new version of Windows has finally arrived for the public. It’s a lot more secure, has better functionality, and has greater possibilities.

And it looks fantastic but familiar at the same time.

Many new PCs are now available with Windows 11 pre-installed, with an upgrade available for existing Windows installation early next year.

But not all systems will be able to upgrade. Mostly because there are demanding hardware requirements that are focused on your data’s security.

We have listed many of the new features, plus the benefits of the new Windows version, in our brand-new guide. We have written it so anyone can understand it.

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