An Easy-to-read Guide To The 9 Most Terrifying Types Of Malware

With every business is targeted by malware around the clock. It’s now estimated that there are now one billion unique pieces of malware out there today. Additionally, states that over 350,000 new malware variants or potentially unwanted applications (PUA) are discovered daily.

What is malware? Simply put, it’s malicious software that’s designed to do damage to your business systems, steal your data and learn as much about you and whom you associate with as possible.  And in some cases, can be present on your system for months without being detected.

And the truth is, malware terrifies most I.T. professionals (and it should scare you also) because its behavior can be unpredictable, challenging to prepare for, and tricky to defend against.

So, we’ve written a guide to inform you of the nine of the most common types of malware we see. It’s been written so anyone can understand it, and everyone will get something out of it. So please share this information with your friends, family, staff and use it as a teaching tool.

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