Odds are, and with almost 12 billion email accounts already compromised, it may have been repeatably compromised if you had the same email address for any time.

Today in modern business, email is an essential method of communication and verification, and we hope everyone respects the security and privacy it deserves. Unfortunately, many organizations do not share those same goals and, as a result, have been breached with sensitive information being disclosed.

Are you curious if your email address has been compromised and included in the almost 12 billion known email accounts so far?

If your email address has been compromised, take these simple actions:

  • Install and use a Password Manager (If you need a recommendation, ask us, and we can help you with that)
  • Change your passwords and use a strong password wherever possible - Preferable using your new password manager to generate a unique and random password and then save it within your password manager.
  • Ideally, it would be best never to reuse a password on multiple sites.
  • Wherever possible, turn on Multi-Factor Authentication (aka MFA or 2FA) and use it. Have a backup in case you don't have access to that.
  • Never share your passwords - most password managers can securely share passwords without exposing them to the other party.
  • Consider utilizing a business email address and a separate account for personal use, keeping the functions separate.

As an alternative, create a strong password using our password generator (don't worry, we don't know on whom or where you use it).

Use our password generator to create one for you.

Need specific recommendations on proper password management? Get in touch.

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