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The field of dentistry evolves at an incredibly rapid rate – changing each and every day to better suit patient requirements. In fact, most dental offices are always searching for the latest and greatest technologies, in order to better serve their patients in terms of enhancing comfort and minimizing the time they’re in the chair. Think about the cloud, for instance, and how it’s revolutionized the way dental offices operate. Instead of relying on paper-based systems, dentists are able to digitize the storage of patient information – giving them quicker, easier access to important details. This, in turn, speeds up the amount of time it takes to take care of each patient that comes in and out of the office.

Where To Start has over 14 years of experience serving dental offices like yours. We understand the challenges you face, the software you use, and overall, your need for proper technology management. Call (844) RASM 448 or email us at now.

When it comes to outsourcing the management of your technology, you’re able to ensure you’re getting the best possible solutions for your office. Where To Start is very familiar with a range of medical software programs – allowing us to ensure all of your most used systems are functioning at peak performance around the clock:

  • Dentrix: A practice management solutions with features designed for both the business and clinical sides of any given dental practice.
  • NextGen: A software designed to help ensure simplified access, storage, and organization of electronic medical records and practice management.
  • Allscripts: A practice management and revenue cycle management solution used to streamline workflow.
  • Practice Fusion: A practice management software complete with tools for reporting, messaging, billing, and more.
  • Surescripts: A certified e-prescribing software designed to lower costs, increase patient safety, and overall, increase quality of care.

Our team of technology experts is able to set-up, configure, and troubleshoot all of the software programs listed above, as well as various others commonly used in the dental industry. We’re also able to help your dental office achieve:

  • Better documentation: Many compliance issues can easily be mitigated with proper documentation of your network and all devices connected to it.
  • Greater security: Our comprehensive security solutions ensure all data, including patient information, credit card information, and more, is safe against attackers.
  • Enhanced reliability: Your technology will be more dependable than ever before with around-the-clock monitoring, maintenance, and ongoing support.

Lastly, you can rest assured knowing we have the experience to help you greatly improve collaboration between dentists and dental technicians. We know clear, concise communication between them is essential to minimizing challenges, especially when it comes to ensuring the proper patient information is passed on throughout the workday.

Don’t settle for one-size-fits-all technology support. Where To Start knows the dental industry inside and out. We’re here to make your technology work for you. Call (844) RASM 448 or email us at now.

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