Resources for Community Members Affected by California PSPS

Public Safety Power Shutoff (PSPS) Resources

  • If you need to charge your phone or a place to cool down, locate a local Community Resource Center to do so (check with your local city government). Also, remember in most cases you can charge your phone in the car (if the car is running it needs to be outside and not in your garage).
  • If you have a medical device that needs electric power, consider staying with friend or relative who still has power or at a hotel. If your medical device does not operate and you are scared for your safety, immediately call 911.
  • Please do not run gas generators indoors (see the precautions above). Carbon monoxide poisoning could result in death if improperly used.
  • What do I with the food in my refrigerator/freezer? Remember to open the door as little as possible (tape the door closed as a reminder). A freezer can last up to 2 days. Remember to eat the perishable food first, save the non-perishable food for later.
  • Can I cook indoors? Your electric range and oven will not work.  Your gas range may work; however, you need to be a well-ventilated area as there could be a buildup of dangerous Carbon monoxide gas and could result in death if improperly used.
  • Do NOT use barbecues, hibachis or other outdoor cooking devices inside, even in the garage.
  • Will my garage door opener work? Most garage doors will not open as normal.  Look for a handle or level on the overhead track to release it and open it by hand.  The door will be heavy, and you may need to ask a family member, neighbor, etc., for help.
  • Will my landline, corded phone, still work? Yes, it should, unless you have internet-based phone service and it has exhausted its battery backup (typically the battery lasts 8-10 hours).
  • Will cell phone towers still work? Most cellular phone company towers have generators and should still work.

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