Our Commitment To Reducing Your Exposure To Risk

Reducing Your Exposure To Risk

Determining whether you’re getting value out of your IT support starts with understanding what that value actually looks like. In our experience, determining that value comes down to how well your IT provider helps you and your business succeed through the services they provide.

We Promise To Help Reduce Your Business’ Exposure To Unseen Risks

While risks like ransomware have been making headlines for the last several years, cyber threats are not the only risks you need to be concerned with as a business owner. Volatile and inconsistent results and profits can have a serious impact on smaller businesses in particular. Where To Start’s final promise is to help reduce your exposure to those risks.

Most small businesses are faced with fluctuation in revenue or costs, which can make it difficult to manage cash flow. It’s frustrating and a source of major stress. Things like unplanned downtime and the number of cybersecurity incidents you deal with have a negative impact on your profits (and potentially on your clients). With so much of what modern businesses do relying almost entirely on technology, IT winds up being at the core of much of the unforeseen risks in business today.

Managed IT helps mitigate these risks in a number of ways. Updating aging hardware and applications can reduce the disruptions and the downtime that kill productivity. When you and your employees can work uninterrupted day in and day out and you’re not routinely paying for IT repairs, both your revenue as well as your profitability improve.

As a bonus, when unreliability is taken out of the equation, there is a lot less to be stressed about for both you and your staff. Simply knowing that you don’t need to be constantly worry that your IT and/or IT Provider (aka “the Schmuck”) is going to throw a very expensive wrench into your operations. This alone offers some much-needed peace of mind.

Reducing these risks might just be the most important of the promises we make to our clients. Helping you to smooth out cash flows, have 100% uptime (or as close to it as we can get to it), and grow your business despite the many non-IT related factors at play is what truly brings value. There are things technology can do to make your life easier, but it’s what technology can do to protect everything you’ve worked so hard to build that matters the most and is really the key takeaway.

At Where To Start, we promise to help your business thrive by reducing the unseen risks to your operations through great technology and great IT support.

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This is the final installment of our Value Conversation series. If you’d like to know more about the value of Managed IT, visit our blog.