Gain Resources and Reduce Risks with Managed Technology

Managed IT Services Help Businesses Get the Most from Technology

Read more about what managed IT service providers offer for businesses looking to use technology for innovation, cost reduction and competitive advantage.

Imagine if your business had a cost-effective way to have reduce operating expenses, gain access to new technologies, and keep data and systems operational and protected.

The benefits to the company are extensive — providing better customer experiences, driving collaboration and efficiency, and creating competitive advantages at every turn.

That’s the reality for businesses that invest in managed services.

What Are Managed Services?

Managed services providers (MSPs) help businesses with the complexities of IT. From data management to hardware and software, networks to websites, help-desk services to security monitoring, managed services help businesses remain up and running.

Managed IT services providers deliver for a minimal monthly fee a range of products and solutions. They include:

  • IT consulting that helps assess strengths and vulnerabilities, opportunities for technical improvements, policy and procedure improvement, system purchase and integration and project management
  • Cloud solutions that host data, operating systems and applications virtually, allowing for faster access, scalability and security
  • Hardware and software management, including license and warranty coordination, installation and upgrading
  • Data security to protect valuable assets while at rest and in transit
  • Internet-based solutions, including business productivity software, business telephony, communications and mobile devices
  • Strategic IT planning, developing budgets and plans that align with broader business planning
  • Business continuity and disaster recovery planning, testing and management

While not all MSPs provide all of the services detailed above, you can find a local MSP that delivers unique solutions to solve your most pressing business issues.

How Does Managed Services Save Money?

Very few small businesses have enough IT staff to cover all of the complex issues related to IT. That’s where MSPs provide a decided advantage.

For a fixed monthly cost, an MSP acts as an extension of your internal IT team, providing support, advice, monitoring, upgrades and technical expertise. In many cases, these services can be delivered remotely and delivered immediately. That means less downtime for your business and employees with solutions delivered quickly and reliably.

Internal IT staff can be redeployed to more pressing projects. Management has a predictable, flat rate for most services. Operational costs related to IT infrastructure, including utility expenses, are eliminated or greatly reduced. The financial advantages are abundant.

How Does a Managed Services Provider Help Reduce Risk?

Risk is everywhere today for small businesses. Regulators from government agencies are concerned about cyberattacks that could compromise sensitive information. States, provinces and regions are imposing new guidelines regarding the collection and use of consumer data. Industries and corporate entities are imposing best-practice recommendations with the expectation that they are followed.

Working with an MSP means you have the systems, solutions, reports and documentation in place to comply with multiple regulatory mandates, reducing compliance risk.

Most MSPs begin a relationship with a new client by conducting a thorough evaluation of the existing IT. This assessment helps the MSP develop recommended solutions that reduce risk throughout the business. By eliminating vulnerabilities that could bring serious harm to your business, your MSP is your risk-reduction partner, fully invested in keeping your data, wireless networks, websites and users protected from unwanted losses, compromises and penalties. In this way, your MSP gives you peace of mind that costly problems are addressed and key areas protected.

How Can Working with a Managed Services Provider Help My Company Innovate?

Consider your most pressing business issues. It’s likely that there are technical solutions that can help. With an MSP advising you, your company can benefit from the expertise, experience, product knowledge, insights and practical advice regarding technology and your greatest needs.

MSPs work with businesses like yours, in your area and your industry. They understand solutions that bring you up to speed for today and prepare you for the future, with an eye on what advances are coming soon that could benefit.

Your MSP also will collect information and report on performance, security, and outcomes related to their provided products and services. Your MSP is your thinking partner when it comes to technology. Let the right MSP help your company embrace technology and use it for innovative, effective and cost-effective results.