Managed IT Services for Manufacturing Firms: Questions and Answers


Why Is Managed IT Support Services The Best Model For Manufacturing IT Support?

Investing in the right type of IT support can make all the difference for manufacturing firms. Do you know what you’re missing out on?

Your manufacturing firm has a lot of moving parts. And if yours is like most, you increasingly rely on technology to keep the lines moving. While you may rely on in-house techs to fix the small things, this talent is getting hard to find, expensive, and hard to keep. It’s for this reason alone (and many more listed below) that Managed IT Support Services are by far the best option for manufacturing firms.

Today’s manufacturing environment are changing at a faster pace than they did during the Industrial Revolution. And with information technology changing just as fast, your firm faces increasing challenges because of the increased pace of these two interdependent items.

You don’t have time to worry about IT efficiency, reliability, and security. And with in-house IT talent is hard to find and keep, you must find a Managed IT Support Services company you can rely on so you can concentrate on your business and the ever-increasing demands for you and your time.

What Do Managed IT Support Services Companies Offer Manufacturing Firms?

A capable Managed IT Support Services company will deliver a range of vital services and solutions, including:

Continuous Monitoring and Maintenance of Your IT System

Managed IT Support Services companies will remotely monitor your network and computer systems to ensure they are running at peak performance. And they can mitigate any risks and block them before they cause a breach and or downtime.

Most issues will be addressed remotely by Managed IT Services. When they can’t, they simply send a tech to your site who is designated to serve your manufacturing firm, understands the flow of data within your business and who knows your business needs.

IT Budgetary Controls

A Managed IT Support Services company will work with your leadership to establish budgeting and cost-control processes when implementing IT service, support, and equipment-procurement strategies. The goal is to give you the best-running technology without unnecessary expenditures and/or expensive downtime.


With today’s sophisticated hacking threats, you face more risks than ever. The right Managed IT Support Services firm can conduct a vulnerability assessment to determine your level of risk, if gaps exist in your IT security profile, provide up-to-date solutions, continually monitor the environment, and train your employees to recognize phishing email attempts that contain malware and computer viruses.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Unless you can quickly recover your data after a power outage or any other type of disaster, your manufacturing firm will face backlogs, missed deadlines and un-loyal customers. To recover your data today means backing it up to a secure, offsite location in the Cloud (one part of the Backup Rule of 3-2-1).

The right Managed IT Support Services company will provide this service so you can retrieve your data from any location where you have an internet connection so your company will be back in operation sooner. Your Backup and Disaster Recovery Plan needs to be customized to your environment, ensure integrated security policies and procedures that are in accordance to your corporate culture.

This includes training sessions to ensure your employees are comfortable with procedures and that they are communicated to the appropiate personnel.

Data and Voice Communications

Data communications such as email and voice communications can be enhanced with cloud services such as Cloud based Email Services and Hosted Voice-over-Internet Protocol (VoIP) Systems.

Both ensure your business continuity if the power goes out, you building becomes unusable or a multitude of other disasters occur. Cloud based Email enhances security, and VoIP Business Phone Systems can save you money and ensure you stay connected no matter what, while ensuring your business can operate during a disaster.

Virtualization Services

The right Managed IT Support Services company can provide virtual servers, desktops, storage devices, applications, computer networking resources, and the expertise to operate it. These allow you to simplify your technology, promote efficiency and reduce overall IT costs.

Identity and Access Management

The right Managed IT Support Services company will set up a customized system to ensure only authorized personnel can access your proprietary and confidential data. This will help you comply with any industry as well as privacy regulations that you must meet as part of your clients’ requirements. There is a greater need for this level of scrutiny as many of the recent “large” data breaches have gained the needed access via the normal “Supply Chain” relationships that exist in todays modern business.

Cloud Computing

Today’s manufacturing businesses can benefit from hosted cloud solutions that provide scalable access to applications and computing resources. Software as a Service (such as Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Azure) relies on cloud computing to deliver applications to multiple users in any location where they have an internet connection.

Typically this is more cost-effective and has greater accessibility compared to desktop applications. This provides scalability (up or down) as you only need purchase a license on a per-user basis and without a long-term capital outlay.

You can add “seats” as your business grows or reduce them if you must scale back in slow times. Plus, it provides the ability for authorized employees/contractors to collaborate on projects regardless of whether they’re onsite or offsite.

Mobile Device Management

When employees use their own computing devices at work, they must be used in a secure fashion, and you need to understand where your data is and how it is being accessed. Mobile Device Management (MDM) from the right Managed IT Support Services company will ensure that your workforce uses their devices in a secure and controlled manner.

With the proper MDM software, it is simple to remotely locate, wipe or lock a stolen device, remove only your business data from a personal device, and perform enforced encryption policies and dynamic security features that keep your information safe. This also prevents your workers from leaving your employment with proprietary or other confidential data still in their possession on their device.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

The right Managed IT Support Services company can help you set up, secure, and deploy management software for all aspects of your manufacturing operations. This includes things like product planning, marketing, inventory management, shipping, invoicing, accounts receivables and payables, and much more.

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