Do You Have Responsive, Local IT Support in Fremont?

Today’s technology makes it possible for just about anyone to build a low-cost website and start a business. Even if it’s only around for a year or 18 months, it’s often financially worthwhile to do this. And people all over the world are starting their own businesses.

The Small Business Administration says that small businesses employ almost 60 percent of all workers in America. Most companies have under 100 employees. Small businesses provide about 2 million jobs each year. And most of these companies are started by hard-working individuals who just want to provide a better future for their families.

Sadly, an increasing number of small businesses are started by people just looking to make a fast buck and then get out without any blood on their hands. This has always been true in certain sectors such as roofing. Each time a storm hits and thousands of homes get roof damage, a bunch of new roofing companies will suddenly appear. Some of them do good work but some only want to get your deposit and then move to a new town without ever showing up on your doorstep.

So How Can You Tell If A Company Is Local?

One of the best ways is to check with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). This company has for years, been tracking and reporting on small businesses. They can give you all sorts of information about a business.

  • Have they ever had a complaint filed against them?
  • How long have they been in business?
  • What are the names of the business owners?
  • Where is the business located?
  • What kind of feedback have they had?
  • What’s their online presence and social media like?
  • Do they have a local mailing address?

Does The Location Of Your Fremont IT Company Matter?

In some businesses, it doesn’t matter where the company is located. For instance, nobody knows where most Amazon centers are and no one cares. They’ll ship anything in 2 days so what does it matter? They stand behind their products and services. But what about a construction company? For most people it would matter whether or not they have a local office.

If a construction company doesn’t have local offices then that means they’ll simply hire local contractors to do any work for you. These contractors may or may not be experienced. They may not stand behind their work. The same is true for managed IT service providers. If they don’t have a local office, then they may simply be hiring freelancers in your area to come out and repair your computers, servers and network. You won’t know what type of experience these workers have. You won’t even know whether they have a criminal record. Maybe they’re saying that they have 10 years of experience. Lots of people lie on their resume.

Can Your Fremont IT Support Company Come Out Same Day?

If you call for service on your IT infrastructure and you’re told that someone can come out next Tuesday, then this might be a sign that the provider doesn’t have a local office. A reputable managed service provider can usually send someone out the same day you call. They know you and your business. They’re familiar with the hardware and software you use. You’ll get faster response times and work that’s guaranteed.

If you invested thousands of dollars in computers, networks, servers and other IT resources, then you probably want only the best, most experienced technicians working on your equipment. You need to be able to trust your managed service provider. If it’s a solid company, then they’ll have positive feedback. They’ll be part of their community.

With the World Wide Web, it’s easier than ever to track down a company or company owner and get quite a bit of information about them. And yet people still hire fly-by-night construction companies that do shoddy work and overcharge you.

Local IT Support in Fremont

Where to Start is a locally owned and operated managed IT service provider. We service all of Fremont, San Jose and the Silicon Valley. We’ve been in business over 25 year and began our IT journey doing work for Macintosh computers. In 1999, we became one of the first tech companies to embrace Microsoft’s Small Business Server, and we helped many small businesses implement this new technology.

We take pride in giving our clients the very best products and services and we care about your success. We understand that small businesses are the backbone of America’s economy. We’re all in this together and it’s important for small businesses to support each other. If that aligns with your business philosophy, then you’ll appreciate the quality of our IT services.

Whether you need a strong business continuity plan or advice about what type of technology to buy, we’re there for you every step of the way. All our IT services come with a “No Hassles” guarantee. If you don’t like the work we do, we’ll redo it. Can’t beat that, right? So please contact us if you have problems, questions, needs or concerns. We’ll show up on time and deliver on our promises.

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