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Keep Your Company Safe With The Best In Security Precautions From Where To Start

In modern business all information is stored on computers. Everything from sales records to customer information to financial records can be kept in one convenient place, but just because its convenient doesn’t mean its safe. Forward-thinking companies understand this risk, and know the importance in investing in a security system that can safeguard all of your important data.

Where To Start provides IT security as a core component of our offerings. Call info@wtsci.com to find out more about what we can do to safeguard against cybercrime.

Where To Start believes in the importance of providing their clients with proactive security precautions to cut out hacking and other malicious attacks before they happen. Our layered approach to security may seem excessive, but we use it because know that it is the most effective and reliable way to protect your business. When done in an appropriate manner, our layered approach can become a familiar part of your normal day-to-day operations.

Our layered security approach includes:

  • User Education: We know that a large part of data breaches is caused by human error, that’s why we take the time to educate your workforce so that they can make decisions based on the access to relevant information and ensure that they are always using the right tool for the job. By giving user’s accountability, we can significantly decrease the amount of human error and thereby improve security.
  • Device Management: We monitor your devices and manage patches and antivirus software to maximize web protection, filtering out of the bad stuff out before it has a chance to infect your devices. We maintain your email security with encryption, spooling and archiving to filter out any SPAM, as well as make sure your backup is always working properly as a last line of defence.
  • Server Management: Where To Start makes sure your server is well maintained, including monitoring, patch management, and environmental management. We maintain integrity by making sure that all reported information is accurate, so that you can make the best use of your server.
  • Network Management: We provide you with a dedicated Firewall with an active subscription for updates, as well as patch management to assure that your Firewall and other connected devices and set up properly and are fully operational. We monitor environmental elements such as power, cooling, and physical access and manage network segmentation based on the type of traffic.
  • Cloud Services Management: We make sure that your kept up to date on what and where your data is stored. We help you manage your cloud archiving, considering the format and relevancy, and keeping in mind that data has the potential for outliving all of the devices it is currently access from and people associated with it.
  • At The Company Level: We help you integrate standardization of policies and compliance to change the way your company thinks about documentation and security. We provide you with a business continuity plan that has been vetted and tested to ensure that your company is prepared for anything.

Find out more about our layered IT security services. Call info@wtsci.com to learn more about how Where To Start can help you stay protected against increasingly evolving threats. 

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