How Does A Vulnerable Network Affect Your Practice?

Your network connects each and every kind of hardware in your practice – as such there are numerous ways that it can negatively affect your productivity if it’s not properly secured. Primarily, you’re at risk of being hit by malware, spam, and worse. Along with the loss of productivity for your entire staff, the risk of compromising your patient’s information and the additional complications of dealing with the regulatory issues that may arise.

An unsecured network is often plagued by a lot of frustrating and dangerous malware, phishing attempts and spam as well. It may be harmless emails promoting sales, or it may be truly dangerous messages containing viruses, malware and other nasty surprises– in either case, it’s not something you should have to deal with as part of your daily activities as you are already dealing with the chattering teeth issues of the day.

Do any of those issues’ sound familiar?

If so, then you need to do something about it and fast. Each day you continue to settle for a vulnerable network, you waste more time (and more money) on these pointless problems and your risk level escalates due to a lack of action.

Allow the Where To Start Inc. team to help – we’ll make sure your network is effectively secured against a range of threats to your companies security and productivity as well your patients information. – FILL OUT THE FORM ABOVE to get started right now.

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