Managed Bay Area IT Services

Bay Area IT Services provided by Where To Start

Reliability. Accountability. Security. Management.

These are the pillars of RASMcare–and Where to Start Technology Solutions provides a full suite of managed I.T. services around this concept. Far different from the traditional model of reactive technology support, managed I.T. services offer a proactive approach to managing the technology needs of your business.

Managed Technology Support Services

Our goal is to reduce the “knee jerk” reaction that technology challenges can cause and instead implement trusted and sound platforms and processes that allow your business to smooth out operations and reduce reductions to productivity.

Predictable Budgeting

When something breaks–either a device or a software platform–it is rarely cheap and easy to fix it and can cause a serious drain on finances when you’re forced to find reactive solutions to the problem. Managed services allow you to stop waiting for your technology to break and instead implement a proactive approach which includes regular maintenance and check-ups with a flat monthly fee.

Whether you decide to go with a full suite of services with an outsourced I.T. team or an assisted approach, Where to Start gives you several options for levels of services that can be customized to meet your needs.

Outsourced Bay Area IT Services

Created for the business with little to no internal I.T. support, Outsourced I.T. offers more comprehensive services and includes favorable billing of labor at a discounted time and materials rate for additional services.

  1. RASMcare Essential: Includes core services such as: Regular patching and monitoring of Microsoft and third-party applications, active system monitoring, anti-malware, and web protection. Pricing is per device.
  2. RASMcare Professional: Includes all RASMcare Essential plus: Risk Intelligence, Office 365 productivity applications, RASMsync (file syncing and collaboration), plus device backup. Pricing is per device.
  3. RASMcare Comprehensive: Includes all RASMcare Professionals but pricing is based upon the number of named users instead of the number of devices. This level of support is intended for organizations with a very mobile or device-intensive workforce.

RASMcare Assisted Bay Area IT Services

With RASMcare Assisted, it is assumed that you have some Bay Area IT services capabilities in-house, and simply need an extension of your internal technology team. Where to Start will step in and provide you with the tools and methodology that your business needs for monitoring, anti-malware support, web protection, remote access and scheduled patch application for Microsoft and other third-party applications. Labor is billed on a discounted time and materials schedule, and pricing is per device covered.

No Hassles Guarantee

Our goal is your satisfaction, no questions asked along and with no hassles. We will correct or repeat our services at no additional charge should you ever be unhappy with a service that we have provided.