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Our focus is providing technology that works when you want it to work, as you expect it to work.

In the Beginning

Where to Start was launched over 25 years ago in 1991. In the beginning, we wrote utilities for Macintosh computers and created shareware for small businesses. In 1999, we became one of the first tech companies to embrace Microsoft’s Small Business Server, and we helped many small businesses implement this new technology.

In 2001, after over a decade in the business, we began helping companies with technology issues, and this still defines what we do today.

Between 2003 and 2012, we worked with a range of medical and dental clinics. We helped them layer their practice management software with Microsoft’s Small Business Server and created automated solutions to streamline their processes.

In 2013 when Microsoft announced that it was suspending its Small Business Server program, we immediately jumped in to help. We guided multiple businesses as they migrated to other software stacks and platforms, and we helped them maintain the features and services they had enjoyed with SBS.

Into the Future

Technology changes quickly, and at Where to Start, we have always worked hard to keep our clients abreast of the most useful technological advances, without jumping on a new bandwagon simply because it seems popular. We believe that the future is less about technology and more about solving business issues with solutions.

Our plan for the future is to help companies leverage cloud-based software and solutions. We plan to help them access the tools they need to create a mobile workforce and to stay competitive in the marketplace.

We belief that the traditional on-premise business model has morphed into a hybrid model of cloud and on-premise services, and we believe that the transition will continue until businesses have environments based on clouds, commodities and distribution.

We’re here to help blend it all together, and we add the magic that makes it possible for businesses to meet their goals and objectives while also embracing new business and technology models.

What We Do Where To Start Promise

Where to Start is a solution-based company with services for all sizes of companies.

Small Businesses

If you have a small business with 25 or fewer employees, you have probably identified the importance of technology to your success, but without a dedicated IT department, you lack the resources and research to implement technology successfully.

That’s where we step in — we assume the role of your IT business partner We take control of your company’s technology needs, and we identify the best direction forward. That frees up staff time and increases reliability at a predictable, upfront cost.

Mid-Size Companies

We also work with mid-size or large companies with 100 or more employees with dedicated IT departments. If your internal IT team needs a bit of help meeting the challenges of today and tomorrow, we can give them the tools you need to succeed.

We support IT departments in their tier one roles, and we set them up so that they can manage any issue. We also put them in a stronger position to mentor and support the technology needs of your staff.

RASM — The Benefits We Give Our Clients

At Where to Start, we define our commitment to our clients with the acronym RASM — Reliability, Accountability, Security and Management.

To explain it a bit further. We provide RELIABLE results through increased ACCOUNTABILITY through the application of simple and reasonable SECURITY precautions along with the proactive MANAGEMENT of systems within your environment via the application of best practices and an understanding of how information moves through your organization.

Want to learn more? Contact us. At Where to Start, we can always find the best place to start your technology journey.

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