Microsoft has just announced an option for people to trial new features before their general release of Windows 11.

I want to be clear; this isn't about fixes to security issues – everyone will continue to get those as they do so today.

With this announcement it's an opportunity for businesses first to jump in line to receive new features and updates slated for future updates.

Sound exciting?

Worth the risk?
Maybe but not quite.

Our advice?
Wait, patience is a virtue!

Sure, while it may be tempting to give in to the new features… true; nobody wants to wait. But jumping aboard during any trial phase comes with risks (this is a classic case of risk vs. reward that only you can decide).

Undocumented features (aka bugs), errors, and other stumbling blocks could significantly impact operations and cause chaos in your daily workflow.

Waiting until features have worked through the process gives you the advantage of other people's experience. In addition, and in most cases, they've already dealt with the issues, so it should be dependable by the time you get the new features. And in most cases, isn't that more important for the smooth running of your business?

Trust us, the safe road is a more intelligent choice in this case, especially where your business is concerned. Still, the benefits of being an early adopter may seem exciting, but first, you need to ask yourself if you want to be the guinea pig for everyone else.

Remember the adage… good things come to those who wait!

While we're for keeping up with the latest technology and software updates, there is a time to exercise caution, which is one of these cases. Our advice is don't be tempted by the shiny new features.

  • Be patient.
  • Stay safer by waiting.
  • Ensure that when the time is right, you're getting something that's proven to work and as expected.

Microsoft already has many (tested and approved) features that boost productivity and smooth your work processes. At Where To Start, we spend a lot of time helping businesses find the right combinations of features to ensure smooth operations. If we can do the same for you, get in touch.