Our mobile devices are a goldmine of information. Just think of all the financial details, business\personal messages, banking information, photos, and contact information behind that little glass screen.


And suppose your team uses smartphones for work. In that case, they'll often have access to company systems – email, contact lists, network access, and file systems. So, when they're not kept as secure as any other device in your workplace, they become a gaping hole in your cyber security posture.


And, of course, the criminals know this, so they target us through our mobile devices as much as they do through our email, networks, and servers. 


But cybercrime isn't the only concern. Losing a mobile device, or having it stolen, can put the data on it and your organization at tremendous risk.


So, whether you issue company mobile devices or your employees use their own, you should ensure everyone implements a few essential security items to protect your data and avoid a potential disaster.


Start with setting up a PIN in addition to the biometric login (a fingerprint or face scan) to access the device.


Only install apps from trusted sources (i.e., the App store) to ensure you use genuine, approved software.


Enable Multi-Factor Authentication on all apps that have access to sensitive data. In this case, the most straightforward form is the biometric verification we set up in the first step. 


Be careful when you connect over wi-fi. When you work remotely or often connect over a public network, consider using a VPN – a Virtual Private Network – to add a layer of security. You never know who is eavesdropping your conversations on a public wi-fi network. 


Finally, ensure your mobile device is running the latest version of its operating software and keep all apps up to date. In most cases, this happens automatically, but many ignore it, and unfortunately, it never gets updated.


Mobile devices have changed so much about how we live – at home and work – but taking them for granted is too easy. And that could be a costly mistake.


If you need help keeping your mobile devices safe, get in touch.


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