Are you working from home? Or remote working, as it's now called.

It's the big thing in business. And many people love it.

They're happier working where they want to and when they want to. And in the long run, that makes staff more productive and less likely to leave.

But have you ever stopped to consider the downside to remote working and the harmful elements for your business and your people?

While many employees are happy to work from anywhere using video calls and collaborative software to stay connected, a small percentage find the whole experience isolating and don't do well.

And unfortunately, when that happens, it can quickly lead to a drop in motivation, happiness, and productivity. In the long run, it can even change the culture within your business.

This can lead to performance issues that may be trickier to spot.

Conversely, some employees will become more susceptible to burnout as they struggle to draw a line between work and personal time. But, again, this is because that environment change can be crucial for some.

You want your team to be happy and prosper in their roles, but there are also additional practical considerations you need to make for your business.

Such as the cost of remote working itself. Does everyone have the correct tools for the job – a laptop, phones, and office equipment? Maybe even an ergonomic desk and chair, or perhaps an internet upgrade?

Do you need to spend twice – giving them an in-home setup and investing in hot desk space in the office?

Most importantly, it would be best to implement complete cyber security protection wherever someone works.

Here's how we can help you stay safe and potentially save money.

Would you like us to assess your current setup and suggest some options? We do this every day, every day. Get in touch.

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